Seeking Understanding

It is our duty. Our duty to understand, at every level. Religion is not the enemy of science. in fact they compliment each other. there is a reason monks used to often be scientists, and writers, and philosophers, which are all really the same thing: the celebration of creation and the human experience. it is the opening of the proverbial nested boxes. We as humans will always have limitations in our perception and understanding. But we are always pushing those limits further and understanding more and going above and beyond in an ever-renewing sea of relative transcendence. That is what the angels truly are: the ideal of the human-like consciousness that understands it all. Only G-d has the power to control it yet the angels can understand it.

And shame on those who refuse to learn. Shame on those who have found contentment in their knowledge. Blessed is the mind that seeks always to understand more. We owe it to each other to uplift the ignorance in each other’s minds. All of us are ignorant. Not in level but in subject–each human, each person, indeed even each consciousness experiences deeply and feels genuinely. The full realm of truth experienced even in one day can never be fully expressed, let alone understood.

However, if we preserve the instinctive seeking of knowledge with which every child is born, we become conscious Truth-Seekers, and we keep an open mind. Open your mind to things you love, to things you hate, to things you enjoy, to things you fear. The positive and the negative are true. Once I learn enough about the way the world is put together, and how it moves, I’ll figure out where it’s going, and how I want to help.

We all seek a mission in life. Some of us have found one, some of us have found several at once, some of us are still searching. Maybe the most fulfilling way is to find one after another once they are complete. Every mission should have a basis in truth. My first was to complete my education. Now I want to buy a house and start a family. But what else?

What is your mission? Still searching?

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